Memory Verses

Memory Verse Challenge

Memorize and recite verses all at once on Saturday, August 1, for a prize.


  • All 40 verses correct – Leather-bound Recovery Version of the Bible (or $100 worth of ministry books and/or CDs).
  • 20-39 verses correct – 2020 NYYPCD – This is the Year of the Jubilee!
  • 1-40 verses memorized – letting the Word of God dwell in you richly (priceless)


  • Exercise your spirit and pray-read as you memorize verses throughout the week.
  • Redeem the time in between meetings to memorize verses.
  • Before Saturday, notify a serving that you are attempting the challenge and arrange a time (for Saturday in between meetings) to recite the verses to the serving one.
  • You must recite them over Zoom (or other video conferencing software) with your eyes closed and no earbuds/headphones on.
  • The serving ones will report to Brother Aaron your name and number of correct verses you got.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the Saturday evening meeting.

Extra Challenge Verses:

  • There are 4 extra verses you can attempt for extra credit. If you get 38 verses correct (getting 2 verses wrong) but get 2 of the extra verses correct, that would total 40 verses and you would still get the top prize.
  • There is no extra prize if you get more than 40 verses correct.