Dear Young People, Parents, and Serving Ones,

We look forward to seeing you at Summer School of Truth on Monday evening, 8/1/22! Check-in will start in Beltsville at 7:00 PM. Pick up will be on Lord’s Day, 8/7/22, after the Lord’s Day Meeting (you are welcome to join the Lord’s Day Meeting in Beltsville starting at 10:00 AM). The Daily Schedule is now available here: Daily Schedule

Please refer to the Packing List for what to bring, and please review the Guidelines again, prior to coming, including taking a COVID-19 test prior to attending. Please note that we revised it recently to state that if someone experiences symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 during SST, they will need to go home in order to limit exposure to others. We also ask that if you will not be staying at the hall full-time or are arriving later in the week, that you wear a mask when you are at the meeting hall.

For serving ones, we will gather on Lord’s Day, 7/31/22, at 2:00 PM in Beltsville to pray, coordinate, and set up the hall. For those outside of the local area, you can join the prayer and coordination via Zoom: